The Kings are back next week.

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Kyuhyun - MAMACITA Teaser 2 (X)
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Album Teasers: Cho Kyuhyun

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Kyuhyun - 7jib MAMACITA Teaser (X)
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I’m used to days without you now
Tomorrow will be a little more comfortable
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Leeteuk Ice Bucket Challenge! w/ Zhoumi, Henry, Sungmin & Donghae

cr:NKsubs : Leeteuk Video Trans:

Hello, this is Leeteuk.
Ice Bucket Challenge.. I would like to thank Super Junior member Donghae and Eunhyuk for helping me join this good cause.
I will refreshingly get hit with water. I hope everyone in this world will be happy and healthy.
I don’t know if I can choose (these people) as the next, but (I would like to choose) Choi MinSik sunbae-nim, who is writing a new history in the history of Korean movies at the moment, Son SukHee sunbae-nim, and Yoo Heeyeol sunbae-nim. I would like to pass the baton to these three sunbaenims. I will refreshingly get hit with water.
You can see up there, right?
Our members are preparing (for the challenge) with me.
I will get hit now!
We are Super Juni-OR!

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/Accidentally kills millions of fangirls/

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Super Show 6 Official Poster

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140815 - Kyuline running away after the performance… except Minho lol 

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S M T o w n   W o r l d   T o u r   I V   i n   S e o u l

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140817 kimheenim: Teuk and I have totally opposite personalities, Teukie always endures and contains (his emotions), while I always yell and solve (the problem) right away.. Teukie who is kind of timid? and me a bit crazy? Teukie who decorated his room in white, me who decorated my room in red. Teukie who is going around thinking about yesterday, me who is thinking about what I should do tomorrow.. Then since a few years ago an incident happened that made me think ‘Ah no matter what I should be on Teukie’s side’ and after that I don’t listen to the company and manager but if Teukie makes a request, even if I’m not convinced I won’t ask for a reason but I will just follow Teukie’s opinion no matter what. And so our bond slowly became deeper and we were attracted by each other’s look in the eyes. Then in the end Heechul took a rough breath without realising and started stroking Teukie’s face….?!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋ #Fanfic #83 #Inspiration

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@GaemGyu: Enchanting Kyu

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Kangin starts to copy and the rest follow like baby ducklings ♥

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