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We’ve already seen you, Kyuhyun.

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♚ donghae; i’m in love with you and all these little things:
  ↳ ponytail

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colorizing b&w → all about sj postcards

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@GaemGyu: Went to watch Mozart….. Hyoshin hyung is a god indeed… And with Yeonggi hyung who I haven’t met a long time!! ^-^ 

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Kyuhyun + props

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shfly3424: Today 독특 come back … ^^ #예특

yesung1106: Today 독특 come back … ^^ #예특

trans: Today unique teuk come back… ^^ #yeteuk

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Kyuhyun’s reaction to CNBLUE’s Can’t Stop

vid cr | trans cr

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GaemGyu얼마전부터 살좀 빼라는 주위 사람들의 말에 5kg감량을 목표로 식단조절을 하고있었는데.. 월요일부터 생전 처음으로 찾아온 장염 ㅋㅋ덕분에 강제 금주.. 하루 죽 한끼.. 4kg빠짐.. 다행인건지 뭔지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

GaemGyuSince a while ago people around me were telling me to lose a little weight so I set my target at losing 5kg and was dieting.. From Monday onwards I had enteritis for the first time in my lifeㅋㅋThanks to it I’m prohibited from alcohol.. Porridge once a day.. Lost 4kg.. Is this a good thing or notㅋㅋㅋㅋ (c)

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@AllRiseSilver on&on&on… instagram.com/p/q8i7Lkibwa/

@AllRiseSilver Siwon Sungmin Kangin Ryeowook Kyuhyun Eunhyuk Leeteuk Heechul Donghae Shindong SJ is back soon instagram.com/p/q8xeXrCb_c/

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I left my brain at home/I don’t want to be in this presscon Part 3.

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